Have you ever thought I wish there was a badge or patch for this?
Want free patches for your troop?
Are you creative?


Step 1

Come up with a topic for a patch or a ‘Make Your Own Badge.’  Sky’s the limit!

Step 2

Develop a multi level program for earning this patch.

Write up the steps. It could be as simple as a list of activities with each level completing a certain number of activities to earn the patch.  It’s your program, you develop it as you see fit.  Check out the programs on our site for ideas.

Maybe your troop wants to develop a ‘Make Your Own’ badge program.  Include variations on the program so all levels can earn.

Step 3

Submit your program here. You’ll hear from Bella Patches soon regarding your program.

Step 4

Bella Patches will design a patch and turn your program into a downloaded PDF program.

Step 5

While we wait for the patch to arrive; Bella Patches will set up a Pinterest board for the new patch program.  We would love to add you as board collaborator, so you can pin your ideas to the board.

Step 6

This is the exciting part!  Patches arrive we ship you free patches for your entire troop.

Step 7

Revel in your accomplishment!  You just saved your troop lots of money while providing great programming to children around the world (yes, we ship our patches to many countries around the globe.)  Share your program links with your friends, fellow leaders, your scouting community, on social media, and on Facebook.  Let everyone know how you earned your troop free patches!  Share pics of your troop earning the patch with us via email or tag us on Facebook or Instagram and use #FreeBellaPatches.

It’s that simple!